Our background makes us experts

The myVEA team comprises former Executive Assistants, highly-experienced in working with large global enterprises. Osander, our sister company, is the market-leading niche recruiter for executive support roles. We at myVEA make it our mission to recruit the top 1% of Executive Assistant talent from around the globe, to fill our shared service center. We have developed our own, standardised method for executive support, which is employed by all of our VEAs.


myVEA offers unique and valuable perspectives on how to boost leaders’ daily work efficiency. We believe in enabling business leaders to:

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The Top 1% talent perfectly suited to support enterprise leaders

Vetting Process

All of our VEAs have prior experience with international corporations. They must pass a rigorous vetting process, as well as detailed technical screenings and job simulations. All myVEA assistants are digital natives with fluent English language skills, higher educational degrees, and cultural capabilities.


Through thorough training, our VEAs become experts in our unique, data-driven methodology. Our VEAs work in tandem to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. We continue growing, adapting, and increasing the value we give to clients.

Personality match

Whilst we have an original, standard method of working, we recognise that every leader is unique, and has different requirements. We put an emphasis, therefore, on the personality match between our clients and their VEAs. We believe that this match is the key to mutual success.

Your security is our priority

It security

myVEA takes information security seriously, which is why we guarantee the privacy and security of both our clients and their devices.

Nda & Compliance

As a virtual service provider, we ensure that our clients are always in 100% compliance with GDPR regulations when using our services.

standardised method

We have developed a unique, data-driven method of working, inspired by our own executive support expertise. We tailor this method per client, because we know that each leader is unique.

Digital ways of working

We at myVEA are digital natives, always looking to implement innovative IT tools to our work. We ensure that all of our VEAs are black belts in the Microsoft Teams platform.

our unique methodology is grounded in expertise

Boost leader productivity with data-driven insights

By working to our standardised, data-driven and frictionless executive system, our VEAs carve out time for more meaningful, productive work, and strategic thinking. We monitor where your time is being spent, and use the insights gathered from that data to ensure it is better spent in future. Dispense with inefficient meetings, and maximise the time you spend managing, motivating, and growing your business. 

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Elevate your leaders’ success potential

Did you know that 94% of business leaders express disappointment in the innovative power of their organisation? In fact, only 1 in 2 business leaders say that they spend enough time on strategic priorities, with at least a third of their time spent reacting to changes and complications within the company. Those who should be the most productive, forward-thinking members of any organisation (senior management) are, more often than not, bogged down by time-consuming administrative and organisational tasks.

That’s where myVEA comes in. Our Virtual Executive Assistants are recruited and trained to deal with those time-consuming, non-role specific tasks. By hiring a Virtual Executive Assistant, your time is managed and streamlined for you, allowing you to concentrate more on strategy and forward-planning, than on reaction and organisation. It’s time that you moved from the 94% of leaders disappointed with the innovation in their company, to the 6%.


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