We enable
great leadership

We drive high-performance culture for enterprises by offering 1:1 data-driven, remote and frictionless executive assistant support releasing time and productivity.

As Executive Assistants we enable great leadership
by releasing time & productivity

We manage
leader time
We improve
meeting efficiency
We subtly
nudge leaders
We handle
admin work
We turn
time management insights
into action

A pioneer within data-driven, digitalised and human-to-human virtual executive assistant (VEA) support

We know the potential of great leaders. The impact they pose on organisations is fascinating. Strong leadership breeds a happy tribe! As experts in executive support, we are passionate about supporting leaders and executives in transforming people, organisations, and the world through their leadership. We aim to release that potential through improved meetings, productivity and by introducing time management insights into leaders’ daily work. See how we can help leaders work smarter with stellar Virtual Executive Assistant (VEA) services. 

Senior leaders use only 39% of their work week for role-specific tasks

Considering the executives’ span of duties, reality is that a large extent of corporate leaders’ time is spent on non-core and tedious admin tasks. myVEA is a cost-efficient service liberating maximum value from corporate leaders – enhancing productivity and releasing up to 15 hours per week, more than one week per month. We apply an  insights-driven methodology to leaders’ daily work to secure time for strategic thinking, innovation and people management.

Boost leader productivity with data-driven insights

Productivity is critical to successful leadership. So we carve out time for more meaningful work and time for strategic thinking and deep work. Our executive assistant expertise and time management experience supports high-performance leaders, teams, and organisations by offering a standardised, data-driven, and frictionless executive support system.

nudging leaders, closing the “knowing-doing gap"

By introducing leaders to their own productivity data, we subtly nudge leaders toward better daily time management choices. We help close the “knowing-doing gap” by reminding and integrating best practices that help balance the competing priorities in complex corporate organisations. We provide 1:1 remote human-to-human service generating productivity and positive ripple effects throughout entire teams and organisations. 

Standardised, yet customised...

We work according to our playbook method, yet we customise each service solution because each leader is unique. We collaborate and improve productivity jointly with on-site assistants and introduce data-driven and standardised ways of working.

Hassle free, flexible, cost effective and time efficient

We ensure operational cost and headcount savings. Remote VEAs are employed by us – so there’s no payroll and costs from wrong hires. Our specialised virtual shared service centre closes the gap and solves the hassle about which leaders in the organisation are entitled to executive support and who are not.

MYVEA Testimonials

Osander and myVEA, one common purpose

To enable great leadership. At Osander, we are privileged to match exceptional leaders with exceptional onsite Executive Assistants and strategic  Business Partners. After the covid-19 pandemic, we have seen that remote work has been normalised, and new ways of working are being explored and reshaped. We’ve always believed that the role of the administrative Executive Assistant can be improved and disrupted. So, with myVEA we’ve grasped an opportunity in transforming the administrative assistant role. As a forward-looking company, we founded myVEA, a specialised virtual shared service centre established to help leaders enhance their full potential through remote human-to-human support, technology and productivity data.

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