We at myVEA are proud to have offered our pioneering, data-driven executive support services to some of the world’s top enterprises. Here you can read testimonials from a few of the business leaders whose time and potential we are helping to unlock.

“I must admit I was sceptical about how long it would take to find each other so that the virtual assistance set-up could work. That being said, the simplicity of it from the very beginning made it work almost immediately. The way you did it, you deliberately showed us how the time was spent via data. What I really liked, were the results of the changes we agreed to. Could we come up with them without you? Yes, perhaps we could, but we just haven’t done it. Just by providing data insights you twist our minds into actively thinking how we spend our time. On top of all that, you twist our minds in thinking efficiency – how can we work more efficiently. The fact that you think forward allows me to mentally prepare for that next week. The buffers are there, the pre-read is there. I also like the length of our weekly reviews and being flexible around it depending on the need.

In my own team, we feel the “whip” more, because you prompt us to prepare since it is precious time that we are spending. In the team we certainly see the value and enjoy the structure. The meetings are now significantly better, while shorter, than they have been for a long time. Putting structure and prep time to 1:1s also made them significantly better.” 

Jacob Johansen

VP, Head of Business Performance at Maersk Drilling

“The diligent calendar work has been a huge help for me, it saves me a lot of time and frees up the brain. Recently I had a lot to do but I feel fairly relaxed and calm. I have never been that busy in Maersk Drilling like I am now, and I have never had this much time for mental space. My productivity has definitely gone up, as well as my engagement. I feel more prepared. Being proactive and providing data insights is something that differentiates myVEA from other assistants’ services. This is a part of your value proposition. I never felt like our weekly reviews didn’t provide any value.”

Marika Cecilia Reis

CIO, Chief Innovation Officer at Maersk Drilling

“In early 2022, I was looking for a part-time EA/HR coordinator to support and collaborate with me. It made immediate sense to engage with MyVEA, as the virtual EA expertise they provide was a great fit for my pan-European remote way of working. I have now worked with MyVEA and Aga Janowska for approximately 18 months, and the fruitful collaboration is a testimony to Betina Osander’s ability to attract great professionals to her team and a testimony to the toolbox, professionalism, and proactive mindset of Aga.

Working with Aga has simplified my working day and improved my structures – and, not least, proved that a virtual working relationship can be just as personal and collegial as an in-office working relationship. Hence, I plan to continue the collaboration with MyVEA irrespective of whether I continue to work remotely or on-location.”

Trine vrang laursen

VP, HR at Bauer Media OCP

“I partnered with myVEA because I needed part-time assistant support. As a hybrid organization, it’s seamless for me to connect with my assistant Aga daily—whether through Teams, phone, email, etc. I can recommend myVEA and Aga as an Executive Assistant without reservation. Aga’s reliability and swift efficiency have consistently impressed me. She’s an invaluable support pillar, always eager to assist, even beyond her designated responsibilities. Her skills in structuring calendars, proactive planning, and her continuous improvement approach stand out as testament to her invaluable contributions.”

Hans gruber

Group CTO at Bauer Media OCP

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