we understand the potential of great leaders

Our Virtual Executive Assistants are human executive assistants working remotely providing 1:1 and 1:2 service. They are all recruited from the top 3% of global talent, and trained to help business leaders realise their full potential. myVEA drives high-performance culture of senior leaders by creating the space and time they need, to be as productive and efficient as possible.

we are service innovators specialised entirely in executive support

The future of corporate work is global, digital, and hybrid. myVEA was created to unleash the potential of leaders and allow them to take full advantage of this emerging trend. We are specialised and our method is designed to support and empower senior executives in their corporate environments. We do so by pairing executives with dedicated, best-in-class remotely working Executive Assistants who are highly-trained and experienced in virtual assistance.

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Our vision

myVEA believes that productive leadership is possible to accomplish every day. And, with great leaders, we can both transform and maximise the potential of global enterprises. 

Our mission

myVEA is determined to streamline the efficiency and organisation of our clients’ companies, by giving leaders the time and space to be the best leaders they can be.

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Pioneering data-driven, 1:1 executive assistance

We understand the potential of great leaders, and the positive impacts that leader’s daily productivity can have on their organisations. It is our goal to transform people, and companies by enabling efficient leaders through our subscription based Executive Assistant service. Moreover, our data gathering and insights deliver a client-centric executive assistant service, one which we at myVEA are proud to have pioneered.

Hassle free, cost effective, time efficient & flexible

Because our subscription-based Executive Assistants are scouted and employed by us, you don’t have to worry about payroll, nor the costs incurred by potentially hiring the wrong person. And sharing our executive assistants according to your needs also negates the hassle about which business leaders are entitled to executive support, and which are not. myVEA guarantees cost efficiency in both operations and headcount.

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Stellar Virtual Executive Assistance, remotely

We are a hybrid, dynamic, and change-addicted team, always seeking to employ the most cutting-edge technology, data-collection, and executive support services. We are continually inspired by the customer data we obtain through our client interactions, and use the insights gained from it to adapt, grow, and learn. With our signature playbook, and the flexibility afforded by our sub-scription based Executive Assistants, we unleash the productivity of our clients, unlocking time and potential in ways they never thought possible.


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