Our clients collaborate with the same Virtual assistant on a daily 1:1 basis

A real human assistant

We match leaders with talented VEAs, who work remotely to become an indispensable member of the leader’s team. There is no robot behind because the job requires emotional intelligence.

A back-up VEA

In addition to communicating daily with the same 1:1 VEA, each client will have access to back-up VEA. This back-up VEA provides support during emergencies or when the designated 1:1 VEA is unavailable due to illness or vacation.

Diligent calendar reviews

Through MS Teams, clients and their VEAs diligently review upcoming weeks: plans deliverables, meetings, anticipates barriers, and evaluates learnings based on time management data.

Draw expertise from our multitalented VEA pool

In addition to dedicated Virtual Executive Assistants, you also gain access to the collective expertise of our entire assistant pool. Whenever necessary, you can attain help from our talent pool for special projects and services, such as event planning and project assistance.

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Standardised, yet customised...

We work with methods proven to deliver successful outcomes to our clients, but we also know that each leader is unique. That’s why we tailor every service we deliver to the specific client. We collaborate with current on-site assistants, and introduce data-driven, standardised ways of working, and we unlock leader potential and streamline productivity.

Reduce inefficient meetings and treat your leaders’ time as capital

As a result of the pandemic the number of virtual meetings has exploded, as have the direct and indirect costs of those meetings. Leaders’ time should be treated as capital, and yet leaders are losing control of their time. Unnecessary meetings occupy many hours at the expense of strategic thinking. With too little time to prepare, manage and motivate people, leaders unintentionally create negative ripple effects throughout their organisations. And, when a leader’s time is wasted, it affects organisational growth and agility, customers, revenue and talent retention.

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